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  • Music Monday: Guitar Goodness

    Posted 18 August 2014

    Do you ever just need to hear a good bass solo? Or a rocking guitar song? This is the playlist for you, featuring some of our favorite rock bands!


    Good Guitar-ESPEROS by Avery Travis on Grooveshark
  • Friendly Friday: Charity Pot

    Posted 15 August 2014

    Soften your hands and donate to the world! Charity Pot aims to help grassroots organizations around the world, with the help o this little pot of lotion!


    Made from fair trade cocoa butter, almond oil and ylang ylang oil, the lotion is moisturizing and nourishing.  More importantly, Lush Cosmetics aims to help organizations that work towards environmental conservation, animal welfare, and human rights.  For every pot sold, 100% of the profits is donated to further these causes.  According to their website, since 2007, we've donated more than $4,750,000 to over 400 charities in 35 countries.



    Check them out at their website here for more information! 

  • Friendly Friday: Skyline Socks

    Posted 08 August 2014

    One of the most overlooked articles of clothing for people in need? Socks. And that is where Skyline comes in.


    Skyline makes super comfortable, colorful, and edgy socks featuring city skyline designs! With an urban cool style and a mission to back them up, this company is one of our favorites! For each pair ordered, a pair of socks is given to someone in your city!  They are "socking the nation, one pair and one city at a time," and we love it. 



    What city are you from?  Want to rep it on your ankles and give back at the same time? Check them out at their website here.

  • ESPEROS on Culture Map

    Posted 06 August 2014

    Culture Map Austin featured our launch party and new products today on their site! Check out the article here.  Thanks Culture Map!

  • Wildcard Wednesday: It's Party Time!

    Posted 06 August 2014


    Tomorrow is the day! Our launch party of our first storefront is actually happening! Come join us at our new location on 1203 East 7th Street, Austin TX! There will be food, drinks, music, and an amazing cause! To get you all in the party-mood, here are a list of our favorites! From music to food to most favorite holidays, we love parties! 


    Favorite party food? 
    • Ilya (logistics and operations): Pizza.
    • Oliver (founder and CEO): Chips y guac. Always.
    • Kierra (brand manager): Cheese.
    Favorite holiday? 
    • Taylor (intern): Fourth of July! I love America! 
    • Ilya: Thanksgiving.
    Favorite music to jam out to at parties? 
    • Oliver: On A Boat by Lonely Island. I love boats. And nautical-themed pashmina afghans.
    • Avery (intern): When Roses by Outkast comes on, how can you not sing along?? 
    • Kierra: I'm going to keep it real and admit that if Katy Perry came on, I would be pretty stoked...(I wanted to answer "pizza" to #1, but I'm starting to reveal that I have the taste of a middle school girl).
    Favorite party decor? 
    • Avery: Lights, most definitely. Tea lights or christmas lights liven up a party and give it a warm glow! 
    • Taylor: Balloons are fun! 
    Most memorable celebration/holiday?
    • Kierra: my wedding! 
    • Robina (intern): Thanksgiving at my house is always fun! Every year we actually do firecrackers.
    Confetti: fun or messy? 
    • Gina (intern): FUNNNN!
    • Ilya: ...messy.
  • Get ready...

    Posted 05 August 2014

    Our storefront opening is only two days away! After making the big move, painting and redecorating, our first Office and Storefront is finally coming together! Thanks for everyone who has pitched in to help! Enjoy these photos below of our moving process! We lovingly will call this collection of photos: the bad, the good, and the ugly turned pretty! 


    The Bad: 


    The mess, and dried paint brushes! 


    Heavy moving boxes and U-Haul stresses!


    The Good: 


    Finally getting organized! Hooray walking space! 



    Cutest pictures while painting! 


    The Ugly turned Pretty:


    Getting closer...



    Welcome to ESPEROS beautiful, new home! Almost ready for the Grand Opening and Launch Party! 

  • Music Mondays: ACL Favorites

    Posted 04 August 2014

    After seeing the lineup for each day, we are pumped for ACL! Check out some of our favorite picks from this years artists!  

  • Friendly Friday: Roma Boots

    Posted 01 August 2014

    Splish, splash through any puddle in sight with this cute pair of rain boots! 

    These bright rubber boots work on a one for one basis: for every pair sold, a brand new pair is given to a child living in the street to protect their feet from the rain and cold! In addition to keeping feet warm and dry, Roma is dedicated to promoting education in order to eradicate poverty.  In addition to a new pair of donated boots, 10% of all of their sales proceeds go to the Roma For All Foundation to help promote education. 

    Would you wear these cute boots? We would! Let us now in the comment section below, and check them out here at their website!
  • Wildcard Wednesday: Best Vines of the Week

    Posted 30 July 2014

    It's been a long week! We feel these pups' pain! Enjoy these mid-week dog vines! 
  • Music Monday: Throwbacks

    Posted 28 July 2014

    Here's a playlist of some of pour favorite throwbacks! Follow us through the late 80's, glorious 90's, and early 2000's and some of our favorite tunes!


    Throwbacks by Avery Travis on Grooveshark
  • Friendly Friday: Eyewear

    Posted 25 July 2014

    With contacts, glasses, and eye care so easily accessible, many of us often take our vision for granted. These two companies are giving the gift of sight to people around the world!


    Blue Planet Eyewear 



    Their zero waste eyewear is made from repurposed material, like recycled bamboo.  And, they have a one for one program, where a pair of glasses is given to someone in the developing world, for every pair of glasses sold! They partner with Lions Sight and Hearing on their mission to help people see the world in a way they never have before!


    Warby Parker 


    Want designer glasses for affordable prices? Check out these this stylish company, with one of the coolest give-back programs we have seen! Eyes develope.  Prescriptions change. Styles are different in every country. Instead of simply donating a pair to someone in a developing country, and then leaving, Warby Parker takes a different approach.  First, they donate a sum of money to their non-profit partners in conjunction with the amount of glasses sold.  Then, they work to train men and women of the country to give eye exams and sell glasses at affordable prices!


    Plus, for the indecisive ones of the world, they have an At-Home-Try-On program that will blow your mind.  You pick 5 glasses, and they will ship them to you for free.  You have 5 days to pick the ones you like best, and ship the rest back (again, FREE)! 


    So, try on a pair (or 5) and help give the gift of sight!


  • Trendy Thursday: The Outfit of the Year

    Posted 24 July 2014


    The look that has swept the country this year: stripes+denim+Converse All Stars! Adults, teens, and kids are wearing the trend, from New York to Austin! This "outfit of the year" seems to be a staple in any wardrobe. It makes street-wear look chic and Parisian! And our Rojo Classic Backpack acts as the perfect accessory! Check out our variations on the look and mix it up any way you want!
    Left: "The Fancy" Dress up this classic look with stilettos and a sun hat: think of it as an upgrade from Hershey's to Ferrero Rocher!
    Middle: "The Combo Pack" There is nothing wrong with simplifying! Stripes and denim in one cute dress? Yes please!
    Right: "The Flip Flop" Who says you can wear stripes on bottom, denim on top? And these all white Chuck's add a fun detail! 
  • Wildcard Wednesday: Our Numero Uno Taco

    Posted 23 July 2014

    Our knowledge of Spanish might be limited, but there is one thing that we know a lot about: the Pueblo Viejo Taco Truck!


    From breakfast tacos with eggs to the classic chicken taco, you can't go wrong with this place! With all the ease and convenience of a food truck, plus the deliciousness of a near-gourmet taco, Pueblo Viejo has it all! And lucky for us, it's just down the street! 


    Check them out at: 907 E 6th St AustinTX 78702 in East Austin

    Hours: 7:30 am - 5:00 pm

    RecommendationsOliver, our founder and CEO (and king of Pueblo Viejo lunch customers), highly recommends the "Guaca-taco."  Kierra, our brand manager, usually chooses from one of their veggie options.  But the classic "Pueblo Viejo Style Taco" is always a good choice.

  • Now Available!

    Posted 22 July 2014

    Our new summer colors are OFFICIALLY UP on the website! Get yours today here

  • Music Monday: Island Time

    Posted 21 July 2014

    Right about this time a year, we wish we were laying on a beach somewhere... lazy days, warm ocean breeze, and no where to be! Well, for now, this playlist will have to suffice! Don't get too behind on your work when you get lost in these lazy tunes! 


    Island Time by Avery Travis on Grooveshark
  • Friendly Friday: Man's Best Friend

    Posted 18 July 2014

    Today, our Friendly Friday is all about your best friends! You can buy stylish products for your pups and pets, while giving back! Check out Baxter and Birdie and and Dog for Dog!


    Baxter and Birdie makes chic, eco-friendly dog collars and leashes!  But the best part about B and B is that for each product they sell, they donate one to a dog in need, by partnering with local shelters! 






    Dog for Dog is a California based company that is working to eradicate hunger in animal shelters across the country! For every all-natural bag of dog food or treats you buy, one is given to a dog in a shelter that may be suffering from lack of food or nutrition!  They offer grain-free and super healthy options to get pups back to their healthiest state! 


    So, get out there and start barking about Baxter and Birdie and Dog for Dog! 

  • Wildcard Wednesday: Best Brunch

    Posted 16 July 2014

    Are you looking for a great spot to brunch at this weekend!  Here is our list of favorite mid-morning places to chow down in our hometown of Austin, Texas!

    • Walton's Fancy and Staple: It is owned by Sandra Bullock (yes! It's true!) and filed to the brim with succulents and fancy flowers, macaroons and delicious pastries, and food that will make your mouth water! The Challah French Toast is a staple, but the spice in the Shrimp and Grits will change your life.
    • Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill: Huge portions of homestyle cooked food and a breezy patio...what more could you ask for?
    • Foodheads: Their breakfast is full of eggs and tacos, but their specialties are their sandwiches! Perfectly melted and elegant (yes, an elegant sandwich! Think brie and apples!), they will keep you coming back for more. With red solo cups and mason jars for glasses, this place feels like a picnic everyday!


    So what are you waiting for? Get out there and enjoy some delicate, brunch-y goodness! Here we are, full and happy after enjoying our brunch at Walton's yesterday! 


  • What's in your bag: The Graphic Design Guru

    Posted 15 July 2014


    Robina, the resident designer of the intern bunch, is always sketching away and creating miraculous designs on and off screen!  To hold all of her creative tools, she uses her ESPEROS Burgundy Backpack:


    • She always has her trusty headphones to block out noise as she works away.
    • Her Waycom Bamboo Tablet turns her hand-drawn designs into pixelated images on Photoshop!
    • Here, her sketch of U.S. footballer Clint Dempsey gives you a glimpse at just how talented she is.
    • She usually has a Coca Cola to keep her energized throughout the day!


    What do you pack in your ESPEROS bag? Let us know in the comment section below! 
  • Music Monday: Buzzin' Around!

    Posted 14 July 2014

    Here at ESPEROS we have some brand new big news! We are buzzing around, moving things around, and just all around excited! Here are some songs to get you pumped up!


    Buzzin' Around by Avery Travis on Grooveshark
  • Friendly Friday: WeWOOD

    Posted 11 July 2014

    Who would have thought that wooden watches would help the environment?  Well, WeWOOD has found a way to plant a tree for every product sold! Now that's growth! 

    After it's conception in Florence and the opening of a branch in Los Angeles, WeWOOD partnered with American Forests and Trees for the Future with the goal of planting 1 million trees by 2020.


    Stylish for the good of the planet.  We have one world, and we need to protect and nourish it.  And WeWOOD likes to keep a reminder on their wrist to save this world.


    Check them out on their website here




  • ESPEROS on the NapTime Reviewer

    Posted 10 July 2014

    Thanks to the NapTime Reviewer for her wonderful review of our Pasilla Market Tote! 


    Cristen, the author of one of the top "mommy" blogs out there, reviews products for parents and tots, gives travel tips, and hands out little gems of family advice! You can find her review of her ESPEROS bag here on her website.


    She is also partnering with us in a giveaway of a Pasilla Market Tote! Check out her blog for more information and to enter to win your very own tote! 


    Thanks for carrying hope with us, The NapTime Reviewer! We love our blogger friends! 
  • Giveaway!

    Posted 09 July 2014

    Do you like free stuff? More importantly, do you like ESPEROS? Well now, you can have it all because we are GIVING AWAY an Earl Grey Market Tote! 

    Follow us on Instagram here @esperosbags and tag your friends who you want to travel the world with! The more people you tag, the more entries into the contest you will get! You have until this Friday, July 11th at 4 p.m. So get set and start tagging! 
  • Wildcard Wednesday: An Unlikely Pair

    Posted 09 July 2014

    Enjoy this adorable little documentary! Happy Wednesday from the team here at ESPEROS!



  • ESPEROS at Bread and Butter Berlin

    Posted 08 July 2014

    ESPEROS takes Berlin Fashion week!  Oliver, our Founder and CEO, and Joe, our Head of Business Development, headed across the pond to attend Bread and Butter Fashion Trade Show

    With over 600 exhibitors and brands featuring stylish street-wear and contemporary clothing, Bread and Butter aims to provide creative marketing and communication between selected brands, one of which being our very own ESPEROS!

    This husting, busting, style supershow is sure to be an adventure! Viel Glück, Oliver and Joe! 

  • Music Monday: Forever Young

    Posted 07 July 2014

    Young love, young dreams, young and irresponsible, young and wild and free... Today in the office we are celebrating youth with these tunes! Enjoy, and let us know what songs make you feel young again!


    Forever Young by Avery Travis on Grooveshark
  • Wildcard Wednesday: The Fourth!

    Posted 02 July 2014

    The Texas sun is shining, the breeze is blowing off the lake, and everybody is abuzz with patriotism and summer happiness! Since Austin we think Austin is the greatest city in the world, we’re sure a lot of you have friends or family coming to spend the Fourth of July Weekend here! If you don’t have plans for them, or if you’re looking for plans yourself, take a look at this list of our favorite ways to spend Independence Day! Enjoy everything the city has to offer- from food to activities to best places to visit.  




    Hamilton Pool: The preserve is a scenic getaway, perfect for pictures and picnics!
    When: Open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily, weather
    permitting. No entry after 5:30 pm. Recreational activities, such as swimming, end at 5:30 pm. $15.00 a vehicle. 
    Where: 24300 Hamilton Pool Rd, Dripping Springs, TX 78620 (512) 264-2740 



    Corn Dog Eating ContestEat your heart out at one of Black Sheep Lodge's Annual Competitive Eating Contests on the 4th!
    Where: Black Sheep Lodge, 2108 South Lamar Blvd.
    When: Friday at 2:30 p.m.


    Paddle boarding on Town Lake: Breeze through your hair and  a beautiful view? Great way to stay cool, and even get a little bit of  exercise!
    Where and when: SupATX at Texas Rowing Center, 1541 West Cesar Chavez St. during the daylight hours or Rowing Dock ATX on Stratford Drive under MoPac from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with the last boat out at 9 p.m.




    Chez Zee Special: No doubt, Chez Zee has the best special in Austin. The are open for brunch, have happy hour all day, $6 burgers all day, and red white and blue cobbler!

    Where: 5406 Balcones Dr, Austin, TX 78731

    When: Open at 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for brunch 



    Sculpture Falls: Take a hike at Barton Creek down a 3 mile out and back trail, waterfall included! The trail is primarily used for hiking, mountain biking & walking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail! Hooray for patriotic pups! 

    Where: 3900 W. Frontage Road (Mopac)

    When: All the time!





    Austin Symphony Orchestra and a Fireworks  ShowBeautiful music and booming fireworks at the Circuit of the America's? How patriotic! It will feature a variety of old-fashioned July 4th holiday fun, including games and contests for the whole family! 
    Where: 2108 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, Texas 78704
    When: The event opens at 4:00 p.m. The orchestra will perform at 8:30 p.m., followed by “mile-high” fireworks at approximately 9:30 p.m. 



    (512) Festival: (512) Brewing Company's summer beer launch and music festival will be held at the beautiful Hill Country venue, The Backyard. The two-day festival will celebrate the city of Austin with locally brewed beer, Austin musicians and performers, and local vendors.

    Where: 13801 Bee Cave ParkwayBee CaveTX 78738

    When: July 4-5, $25 for one day, $40 for two days


    So, go out and enjoy the city! Native Austinite or visitor for the day, this Fourth of July is surely to be the sunniest, yummiest, "weirdest" holiday yet!  And in the words of Lana del Rey, "be young, be dope, be proud: like an American!" 



  • Where to find our bags? Ask our friends at Parts and Labour!

    Posted 02 July 2014

    "Have you seen these part-dachshund, part-unicorn onesies??" Kierra, our Brand Manager here at ESPEROS, shouts from the other side of the store. She is hidden behind racks of "Austin, Texas" t-shirts and tribal looking tank tops. 

    I graze my fingers over dainty necklaces with paper plane charms and gold replicas of this proud state of ours.  My eyes pan over an assortment of crafts and treasures, all Texas-made, and I am filled with the wonder that only South Congress shops can fill you with. 


    "We are among our peers, when it comes to other small businesses.  We have all experienced the same growing pains.  SoCo wasn’t this nuts when it opened, so it is good to have someone to relate too," Lizelle Villapando, founder of Parts and Labour, said of other stores on South Congress. "We all have the same sense of love. They are all independent restaurants and shops, working hard, working for themselves, offering something genuine. And I want to think that we are like that too."




    Lizelle founded the store with Talena Rasmussen in 2004 in order to house their own hand-made items.

    “My business partner and I were hand-making stuff.  She and I were crafting and selling things in a vintage store called New Bohemia, which we later bought out.  We had 8 straight racks that we could fill.  She and I were making skirts, aprons from 60's patterns ...etc.  We were really picking momentum," she said.  “We were experiencing issues because of the differences between second hand and hand made." 

    Lizelle explained there was a need to differentiate between hand-made and vintage items, and it was difficult with them on the racks together.  So, they opened up shop next door.

    “It was a young, enthusiastic learning curve,” she said, explaining that running the shop took away their time to sew- all of their time.

    “It really snowballed. The store got too busy and our handmade started to slip. Eventually, when we ended up buying New Bohemia, the sewing time got replaced by buying vintage."


    Now, they house others' hand-crafted items, but hope to someday get back to the art of crafting themselves.  For the time being, they provide a home for other crafters.

    "We became the den-mom for other vintage buyers and crafters," said Lizelle with a laugh.

    In fact, Lizelle said this was one of her favorite parts of the job.

    "The thing that makes me not burn out is I feel like I am working for you guys. My job is to make everybody aware of you guys.  I’m really bad at self-promoting the store, but I can tell you all day long about Jessica and her porcelain or ESPEROS and your mission.  I can brag about people that I love.  I want to make you guys’ hard work pay off as much as possible."

    Lizelle even had her ESPEROS bag in the office with her!  She said she is still using her Everyday Tote from the first shipment of bags that Parts and Labour received.  She said her other favorite product was the Market Tote. 

    When asked about her favorite product in the store at the moment (besides the ESPEROS bags of course!) she showed us a little porcelain dish, which she was actually buying for herself.

    "I like that it looks like pencil cause its this soft grey.  She is a local maker, and I have a mug from her as well. So laborious. Definitely a labor of love," said Lizelle.  "I don’t really buy stuff from the shop that much, but there is this texas ring….I wasn’t born in Texas, so it is a strange, big deal to me to have a Texas ring.  But, I guess Texas is my home now.  I’ve lived in Austin half of my life!"

    There are a multitude of Texas-shaped, Texas-themed, Texas-made products in the store, which is why ESPEROS fits in to well on the homey, whimsical walls of Parts and Labour. 





    Parts and Labour is carrying hope with us, and you can too!  Check them out next time you are strolling along South Congress and follow them on Twitter and Facebook

  • Today in the office...

    Posted 01 July 2014

    We are feeling like Kanye.


    Have you ever woken up and looked in the mirror and just been like, "Dang."
    Have you ever just been pouring your 2% milk into your cereal and been like, "This cereal is lucky to touch these lips."
    Have you ever been "that guy" with your windows rolled down, blaring your music way too loud for the 5 minute, 8 am drive to work.
    Have you ever rolled into work with your $6.50 Target shades still on, looked in the reflection of your computer screen and just been like, "Dang."
    Yeah...we haven't either...........
    But Kanye has!


    So, here are some confidence-boosting quotes from the King of Inspiration himself.  Oh, and there are pugs super-imposed with each one onto a monthly calendar.  Which, of course, is hanging in our office.  Like, dang. 

    Us too, man, us too. 

    Look at that flexibility.

    Those shades.

    Pug-face + Kanye body.  All that needs to be said.


    Let us know what makes you feel like a million bucks! Or what makes you feel like a pug. pretty much the same thing.

  • Music Monday: On the Coast

    Posted 30 June 2014

    It's sunny and bright outside, and in the office we are dreaming of the beach! Enjoy these Cali-inspired tunes! Roll your windows down, turn up the volume, and head for the coast!


    On the Coast by Avery Travis on Grooveshark


  • Sneak Peak: New ESPEROS Products

    Posted 27 June 2014

    Exciting things are happening here at ESPEROS! These products are coming soon! We can't wait!!!


    Our Classic Backpack has gotten a facelift with new, poppin' colors!

    Our newest installment: Laptop and iPad/Tablet cases! Keep all your tech devices safe and looking sleek. 


    Keep your eyes pealed for more products, set to be released this summer! We want your feedback!!! Let us know what you think! 


    Carry Hope, 


  • Friendly Friday: Products That Tell a Story

    Posted 27 June 2014

    While some items in your closet are simply just for style, here are some companies whose products tell a tale all their own.  Out of Print and Bucketfeet aim to promote the love of literature and art, while giving back to the community.


    Out of Print

    Out of Print Clothing sells t-shirts, bags, and other various products with beautiful cover illustrations of great works of literature.  Through their partner, Books for Africa, they are able to donate a book to a community in need for each product sold.  

    Each product is treated to feel soft and worn "like a well-read book."  With over a hundred book titles to choose from, and products of all types, you can spread the joy of reading in your own unique way!  

    Here actress Emma Watson is sporting one of Out of Prints most popular products!  So, head on over to the library...uh, I mean, Out of Print website and browse their selection!  Help promote the love of literature around the world!





    Bucketfeet celebrates, art, creation, and beauty...printed on a shoes.  More than 2000 artists (painters, tattoists, illustrators, grafitti artists, writers, etc.) in more than 35 countries have join the movement and contribute to the brand.  


    Each shoe is made of printed canvas and massage bubble inserts for comfort.  Everyone can enjoy a piece or print that they love and find beautiful, on the very own two feet! 



    They aim to highlight the universality and accessibility of art, in order to bring people together...in style! Check out their prints and products on their website!




  • USA! USA! USA!

    Posted 26 June 2014

    Today in the office we are cheering on Team USA as loud as we can!  With so much FIFA World Cup Action, it's hard to focus on anything else! 

    Today we are...


    Wearing this:


    Watching this: 


    Designing this:


    Laughing at this: 


    Eating this: 


    How are you celebrating freedom today? Let us know!


  • Trendy Thursday: Overalls

    Posted 26 June 2014

    Overalls are no longer just for little kids!

    These fun one-pieces are back, and while some fashionistas shun the trend, we love it! They are comfy and cute (and go perfectly with our canvas bags!).


    Khaki gives the piece a unique edge, while a dress variation is a more playful take on the look!


    Our personal favorites, if you really want to branch out with this trend, are the nearly white and the ultra-long.  We love the flirty vibe of the white, while the long really make a dramatic statement. 


    Let us know what you think! How do you are wear overalls? 

  • Wildcard Wednesday: Time-wasting suggestions

    Posted 25 June 2014

    In search of some new apps to spice up the home page of your phone? Buuut are you trying to avoid difficult programs that will overcomplicate your life? Here a few of the simplest and most fun tech-suggestions for you! These apps may be pointless, time-wasting, and even just utterly stupid, but boy do we love them. 


    • The Yo App. Around the office, we have been on a "Yo" rampage, with the recently-discovered "Yo" app. You can send people messages, but here's the kicker: you can only send two letters, y and o. It can mean anything- "Yo! I'm thinking of you!" or "Yo! Why didn't you call me back?" or "Yo! I'm extremely bored at the office!" (But that last one never happens around here!...)  So what are you waiting for, hit that button and "Yo" one of us at the office! You can conveniently attach the word "Yo" (who would have guessed??) to the end of one of our names to find us! 

    • Tickle Me. It works just how it sounds: you tickle your screen, and your iPhone laughs in response.  Who knew your iPhone had the voice of a small child? Some call this creepy.  Others call it fun.  Download the app and decide for yourself how it ranks on a scale of "one" to "twisted." 

    • Hold On. An app that literally measures how much of your life you are wasting on iPhone apps.  It times how long you can hold your finger on your phone screen.  And that is all. Yet somehow, we are still sitting here, hand on screen...

    • iFart. Need I say more? (Note: costs 99 cents.)


    • Fat Burner 2K. "Help your body consume fat molecules using disharmonic, molecule to molecule, physical oscillations."  In other words, you set this on your potbelly and it jiggles. Oh! So this is how I am going to get my summer swimsuit body!!!  (Note: People actually bought this and posted actual comments because it "didn't work".......)


    Let us know what apps you waste hours of time on, and happy procrastinating!!
  • Music Monday: Rainy Days and Good Stuff

    Posted 23 June 2014

    It's raining here in Austin, and you know what that means? We just want to curl up on the couch with a book and listen to sappy music (that we can't get enough of)! Here is a list of gloomy tunes to play while you stare out your window longingly on this rainy day.


  • Weekend Fun!: Solstice

    Posted 20 June 2014

    Your weekend just got a little more exciting.

    Solstice Music Celebration features over 140 concerts on 35 stages around Austin, this Saturday, June 21. All completely free.

    With concert venues everywhere from Congress and Rainey and North Austin to South Austin, there will not be a shortage of (did we say "free"?) tunes anywhere you go! Concerts will even be taking place in our home at Chicon Collective! 

    One of our friends and brand ambassadors, Matt, who you may have see biking with his ESPEROS backpack every day, works with Solstice and will be featured! 


    For more information, check out their website and their Facebook.

    Hope to see you jamming out this weekend!  We are celebrating with 800 cities around the globe...are you ready for a worldwide music celebration?

    Ready, set, Solstice! 

  • Where to find our bags? Ask our friends at Windmill Bicycles!

    Posted 20 June 2014

    Loud music, big smiles, the sounds of banging and tinkering from behind the counter.  Aaron Goeth is hunched over a bike, wrench in hand, cranking away at one of the wheels. His sister, a tiny redhead, hops down from the counter she is perched on and comes prancing up. "Hey! What can we do for ya?" 

    I do not remember how to ride a bike.  Yeah, yeah, yeah I know, "It's like riding a bike; you never forget!" I hear it all the time.  Ask any of my friends: they will respond to you with an endless slew of jokes about my inability to pedal on a bike.  I'm as foreign to the contraption as a person could be.  Yet I immediately felt at ease here in this place full of bikes.  I was feeling (could it be?) almost at home in a shrine to the very vehicle I feared! What?!

    Apparently, I am Windmill's ideal customer.



    Him: We  try and have a conversation instead of being like, "Here's your bike, get out!" 

    Her: We try to be intentional.  We try to be different than any other bike shop.  My ideal customer is a woman who just had a baby who wants to ride her bike to the grocery store and hasn't ridden a bike since she was eleven.  

    Him: We don’t really go for "bike rides;" we use it as a tool, as a commuter. Austin is a performance bike town, not a commuter bike town, and there are excellent shops all around for performance. 

    Her: So that is part of the under-serviced type of person we want to help. That is who we want to be.

    Their desire to help first-time and timid riders comes from a very personal place.  Sarah, as  shorter, younger woman, always felt looked down upon when trying to find a bike.

     Her: Aaron would say, "Go in other bike shops and see how they treat you: see if they treat you like you don’t know what you are talking about, see if they hit on you, see if they even talk to you."

    Him: Even when she knew as much, if not much more, than they did, and would name two parts, sometimes people would still ask, “Are you sure that’s what you mean?”

    Her: We want to help people who are short, people who have never ridden, women. We want to be un-intimidating.  That's how the shop Aaron worked in before, Manifesto, was...


    Windmill was born as a "bribe," according to Aaron.  Their mother wanted them back home. 

    Her: He was working Manifesto out in Oakland.  Could we call them a sister shop? Or more of a parent shop.

    Him: They are still a parent shop for us!

    Her: They are wonderful, and they give us a lot of advice. Anyway we were out there, but...

    One day he called me and was like, "Mom wants me to open a bike shop in Austin, and...well, I need you to run it while I work on bikes."

    Him: We starting talking about it and were like, "This could be fun!" I don't know if it is fun yet. It’s a lot of work. (He laughs).

    Her: There are parts that are fun... talking to customers... But running a business is hard work: you can't separate any part of life from it.


    The two almost finished each other's sentences. On the subject of separating parts of life, I asked about running a business with your sibling.

    Him: We kind of cheat because we have gotten along better than any siblings I have ever known.

    Her: We have lived together, been in bands together…but we have totally different skills sets, and our work doesn’t overlap.

    Him: She's seven years younger than me, and I left home around 16, so we didn’t have a lot of exposure with each other before...

    They bonded when he used to take her on camping excursions.  She laughed and said that he would just tell their mom, "We are leaving!"

    Him: You only almost died like 5 times. Remember when you fell in the river?



    The two laugh and reminisce some more about their childhood. They grew up spending time on their great-grandparents homestead in Bexar County.  The house was built in 1927, but it was made from old wood from another property built in 1880. 

    Him: And then I rebuilt it again... and again… and again… I go to nail in the boards and they are rock hard because they are so old.

    A windmill on the hill of the property, "Gramp's Windmill" as they call it, inspired the name...and the ideals of the shop. 

    Her: We wanted it to be an image of home.  It was one of the singular images we knew best. It’s not related to bikes, so we were pretty set on it not just being a bike shop, but being a place for people to hold events, sell jewelry, bags, etc.  But it is a bike shop at its core.  That’s what Aaron knows best, and I know Microsoft excel. 


    And that is how ESPEROS ended up as one of the items in the store that doesn't have wheels. Sitting proudly next to other home-y items, the bags blend in well with the atmosphere of the store: Austin-based, Austin-bred.

    Her: We wanted the shop to be “Texan.” We are 7th generation Texans: our family fought in the Alamo

    Him: Those windows on the wall are from a second remodel of the house in the 30’s, when they put in decent windows.

    Her: We have horseshoes and these windows from the house, and we have chandelier to put up eventually.  Aaron still drives Gramp's truck, you’ve probably seen it around: it has a big Texas flag on the side.

    Him: There's this super famous BMX rider in town who blogged it, and it got like 50,000 views.

    Her: Not the first vehicle we have painted the Texas flag on…we did it on my bus!

    Him: The star was the hardest part. We were sitting on top of a Walmart parking lot painting a Texas flag on the top.

    Her: We had protractors and calculators, putting my math degree to use. (She laughs.)


    When I asked if they had a favorite bike in the store, they lit up.  The are passionate about each brand, each bike.

    Her: Once we finally found brands that could fit me as a rider, that’s who we would carry.

    Him: Obviously we are choosing things on aesthetics and looks and bikes for commuting, but it is also based on relationships (with the vendors).

    Her: I don’t really have a favotire bike because so much of what we do is customization, no bike we sell is the same.

    Him: We have people call and say, "How did you do that to that bike?"

    Brittany, who works in Windmill, said that watching people choose was her favorite part. "It's always such a reflection of their personality," she said.


    Are you looking for a new ride?  Or do you just want to know more about Windmill? Check them out at their website for more information, pricing, and rentals.  Follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates and more fun photos of their team and their rides.

  • Friendly Friday: One World Futbol Project

    Posted 20 June 2014

    With all the World Cup hype, tensions (and soccor balls!) are flying! The game is exciting, fast, and internationally loved.  Take a look to see what one movement is doing to ensure that kids everywhere can play the game. 

    The One World Futbol project is on a mission to empower kids through the gift of a ball. For every One World Futbol you buy, they give a second ball to children throughout the world through organizations working in disadvantaged communities.  They give to people affected by wars and disasters, as well as kids living in inner cities and refugee camps. 
    Inventor Tim Jahnigen was watching news footage in 2006 about traumatized refugee youth in Darfur playing soccer on dirt using a ball they had made by tying trash together with twine. He decided to create a way for chidren not only to play the game, but to have a ball that could withstand the harsh conditions they were in. He created the nearly indestructible One World Futbol, which never needs a pump and never goes flat — even when punctured. Many children, youth, animals and adults worldwide have enjoyed countless hours of play with the ball. 
    You can also donate a ball directly, if sports aren't up your alley.  But helping children around the world? That is something we can all do.  
    Check them out at their website for more info! 
    Let us know how you are enjoying the World Cup in the comments section below! 
  • Trendy Thursday: ESPEROS is on Polyvore

    Posted 19 June 2014

    Need help picking out an outfit? Not sure how to wear your favorite ESPEROS bag?

    We have joined Polyvore, and are creating looks for every bag, every occasion, and every person! 

    Clove Craving: The perfect day-look!

    Olive ya!: looking for a way to dress up your Classic Backpack?

    You Are My Sunshine: Your beach bag!

    But First, Espresso: Loungin' around before a day of errands? Your bag is ready to tag

    along with you! 


    Check out more looks like these at our profile.

    Let us know what kind of looks you want to see! 

  • Wildcard Wednesday: What are we doing today? (Vine edition)

    Posted 18 June 2014

    Today in the office we are:


    Celebrating intern Taylor's birthday!!!!


    Eating breakfast tacos (always)


    Laughing hard at this....

  • This is about to be your favorite blog post...

    Posted 17 June 2014

    There are chocolate chip cookies in the office today. 

    It's lunchtime and, obviously, our minds are only on one thing:

    Freshly baked, gooey, chocolate-y goodness.  
    Melt-in-your-mouth, crumbly perfection.
    All-knowing, all-pleasing.  
    Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside cookies.
    Hate me yet? To make you even more hungry, here is a list of our favorite cookies here in our hometown of Austin, Texas! 


    • Quack's 43rd Street Bakery: From pies and cakes to cookies and coffee, Quack's has it all.  My favorite cookie in Austin would have to be their "as big as your face" Salty Oat Cookie. 
    • Tiff's Treats: The obvious. The simple. The ever-popular.  if you didn't already know, Tiff's delivers, and their cookies are comin' in hot...literally. 

    • Sugar Mama's Bakeshop:  They won Cupcake Wars, but their cookies are a force to be reckoned with as well. 


    Tell us about your favorite cookie in your hometown! Let us know in the comment section below or with #bestcookie on Instagram and Twitter. Hope your stomachs are growlin'.

  • ESPEROS on Racked Dallas

    Posted 17 June 2014

    Racked Dallas thinks we are your perfect summer backpack! Check out their feature in their Editor's Picks on their website.



    Thanks to our friends at Racked Dallas! Check out more summer products on our website!

  • Music Mondays: Up Beats

    Posted 16 June 2014

    Mondays are tough.  Hope this playlist helps you get through the day.

  • Friendly Friday: Smile Squared and Hand in Hand

    Posted 13 June 2014

    Needing to revamp your toiletries?  See how these companies are turning typical toothbrushes and boring hand soaps into movements that are changing lives!

    Smile Squared is rethinking one of the most second-nature activities in our lives: brushing our teeth.  This one-for-one company sells stylish toothbrushes to you, while giving one to child lacking any form of proper oral hygiene.  

    According to their website, a trip to Guatemala inspired Eric Cope, the founder.  He was assigned to help with "toothbrushing" and saw first-hand the effect that poor dental hygiene had on the kids' health, so he decided to create this company with the goal of "giving children their smile back."

    You can buy a six-pack or a four-pack of toothbrushes, and you can even donate directly with the option of "Donating Smiles."  Check them out on their website today!


    Hand in Hand is another company rocking the cosmetic scene.  

    After learning that 5 million hygiene-related deaths occur each year and that simple bar of hand soap could begin to prevent these diseases, Hand for Hand began donating a bar of soap to someone in need and one month of clean water to one person for every bar sold.  They also work to promote environmental consciousness.  They use only sustainable resources to create their products and even ship them in eco-friendly packaging!  And if that wasn't enough, a portion of all proceeds is used to save 50 square feet of rainforest! Now that's a lot packed in to a little box!

    Check them out here.


    Comment below and let us know what you think! 

  • Take out? Try "Carry" out!

    Posted 12 June 2014

    Can't get enough of the 5 Carry Case colors we already have? It's your lucky day!

    The "Carraway" and the "Flax" are our newest small-but-mighty pouches, and they definitely pack a punch! 


    Our Carry Case can simplify your life. The case fits all of your essentials and can be used as a wallet or clutch, but it also easily turns into a pocket for your Market Tote with the snaps on the back! It's as simple as ordering take-out: order you case, throw your stuff in it, then you are ready to go! And with a variety such a variety of colors, you'll never get bored.


    Let us know how you use your Carry Case and which color is your favorite!

  • Trendy Thursday: Orange you glad that orange is back?

    Posted 12 June 2014

    One of the hottest trends of 2014- The color orange. 

    Bright pops of color have been splashing onto runways for a while now, but orange is rolling in as the fruity and fun new runway flavor.

    Designer Joanna Mastroianni was one of many designers to utilize this trend at 2014 Fashion Week in New York.

    NY Daily News called it spring's hottest color, highlighting bright hues all the way to "peachy" pastels that can work into summer.

    Pops of orange add edge to traditional silhouettes, while lightening the shade of orange can make riskier designs more fun.  And this color is something that you can sport in your everyday outfit, as an accent or as a main piece.  

    One of our favorite products, the Clove Market Tote, puts a spin on this shade of citrus. 

    Check it out on our website.

    Comment below and let us know how you are wearing orange this season!  

  • What's in your (dad's) bag?: Father's Day

    Posted 11 June 2014

    Hunting for the perfect gift for Dad's Day? 

    Our Classic Backpacks are built for the durability and pack-ability that every man needs! Whether he is taking it to work or lugging it around town, this "dad-pack" will not disappoint! It makes a great travel pack as well! 

    Take a look at how dads are using the pack today:


    • Our dads are always keeping up with news in the business world, so they need a pack big enough for books, a newspaper, and of course, Businessweek.
    • The pockets are perfect for small items, so that they never have to dig through their bag to find cords, chargers, and car keys.
    • They have to sport cool shades!  Pictured are a pair of Oliver Peoples (a favorite of Ilya, Head of Logistics!).
    • Dads are armed and ready for anything.  They need room for all the random tools and gear they carry around.  My dad usually has a tape measurer on hand!

    How does your dad carry his gear? Let us know in the comment section below, or on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest with the hashtag #esperosdads.  Have a happy Father's Day weekend!

  • Wildcard Wednesday: Father's Day is upon us!

    Posted 11 June 2014

    With Father's Day right around the corner, you are probably looking for the perfect gift! You have come to the right place!

     Our bags are awesome for dads, and here at ESPEROS we love our dads!!!

    Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to see some great photos of the team and our dads!  And then you can respond with your own by using the hashtag #esperosdads!

    Here's a look into what our team loves most about their dads! 

    Oliver, Founder and CEO

    • What's the one thing your dad always says and is right about? It is better to give than to receive. He was a huge inspiration for me in forming ESPEROS.
    • What's the one thing your dad always says and is wrong about? He pronounces the name Lois like this: "Loyce." As an alleged fan of Superman, I have no idea how he pronounces that name so wrongly. Lo-is. Lo-is Lane. C'mon, pops.

    • Favorite item from your dad's wardrobe: Shoes. The guy's got some serious style.
    • Favorite memory of your dad: Going to sports games with him on school nights. We lived two hours away from the nearest pro sports franchise, so road tripping and hanging out at games was always fun.

    Ilya, Head of Logistics and Online Operations

    • Favorite things to do with your dad: Play tennis, watch soccer and drink vodka
    • What will you be gifting your dad this Father's Day?ESPEROS Khaki Backpack 
    • Favorite meal my dad cooks is: Russian Kotlety 

    Kierra, Brand Manager  

    • Favorite fictional movie dad: I think I have to say, To Kill A Mockingbird: Atticus Finch was a great dad with solid advice-"If you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you'll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it."
    • Favorite memory of your dad: The simple fact is, I have been blessed with two incredible dads! My father and stepfather have together given me the gift of double the dad jokes, wisdom, love, and support. My favorite memory of them both was my wedding day when they each walked me halfway down the aisle. I wouldn't be myself without all that they have each contributed to my life.
    • Favorite item from your dad's wardrobe: In the 80's my Dad wore cashmere Dior V-neck sweaters. When I was in middle school I would steal the sweaters and wear them with ripped jeans and converse. I think this a look I should revisit for winter!

    • Side Note: I also just wanted to say, "Happy Father's Day to the best new dad I know, my husband!"

    Caroline, Intern    

    • What's the one thing your dad always says and is right about? Any fact about medicine (he’s a doctor), history, nature, animals, America and geography
    • What's the one thing your dad always says and is wrong about? Anything about fashion.
    • Favorite things to do with your dad: My dad is a big hunter and fisher and he has three girls and no boys, so one of our favorite things to do together has always been fishing. It is the perfect opportunity to relax and catch up with each other with no distractions. 

    • What will you be gifting your dad this Father's Day? An ESPEROS backpack. He is going to love it for fishing and hunting.

    Gina, Intern

    • Favorite things to do with your dad: Traveling, Reading at Mozart's, Taking pictures of him because he hates pictures, Eating.

    • What's the one thing your dad always says and is right about? Put forth 100% effort in everything you do, and you'll have no regrets with the results.

    • Favorite memory of your dad: Him and my mom holding a mini ukelele/guitar concert for Christmas

    • Favorite fictional movie dad: PHIL DUNPHY from Modern Family!!!!!

    Robina, Intern

    • Describe your most memorable Father's Day with your dad: 

      One Father's day my grandparents were here from India.  It was really cool to have all 3 generations of men with us, since I rarely get to see my grandparents.  I remember all the men wearing matching hawaiian shirts and going to Baby Acapulco to celebrate.

    • What's the one thing your dad always says and is right about?

      "You should sleep more."

    • Favorite memory of your dad:

      My dad used to tell us stories before my brother and I went to sleep.  We were allowed to choose 2 animals every night, and he'd make up a story about them on the spot.  I'm pretty sure all of them were completely devoid of any kind of lesson or significance, but we loved them.  

    • What will you be gifting your dad this Father's Day?

      We're going to make a basket with all of his favorite food (mostly desserts).  It will basically have all the things we won't normally let him eat during the year. 

    Avery, Intern

    • Favorite meal your dad cooks: He grills the best steaks! He’s basically a world class omelet chef. And he’s really into picking out fancy cheeses and making cheese plates.  I always feel like I’m at some upscale restaurant when he makes them.

    • Favorite item from your dad's wardrobe: He’s a lawyer, so he wears a suit and tie every day to work.  I loved looking at all of his beautiful ties as a child, and every Father’s day we would get him a new one.  I still love seeing him leave for work in this pink tie I picked out as a kid. 

    • What's the one thing your dad always says and is wrong about? “These shoes are hip, right? Do I look like a college kid?"

    • Favorite memory of your dad:  At the beginning of every school year, or when I am going through a hard time, he will write me an inspiring note to keep me going.  I keep them all! 

     Taylor, Intern

    • Favorite things to do with dad: boating on Lake Travis
    • Favorite item from your dad's wardrobe: His coveted camo Crocs!
    • Favorite meal your dad cooks: smoked ribs on his Green Egg smoker
  • ESPEROS featured on Citygram

    Posted 11 June 2014

    A special thanks to Citygram for featuring us in their May/June Issue!

    To view the feature, download the Citygram app today! For more designs, dining and fashion articles from the Austin area, check out their website.

  • ESPEROS on Parts and Labour

    Posted 10 June 2014

    One of our favorite retailers, Parts and Labour, featured us in their Father's Day gift ideas! 

    "Perfect for the modern dad! Classic, simple, stylish, and built to last using the same quality canvas used for vintage military gear."

    See the post on their blog, and browse for more Father's Day ideas.

    Also, check out all the colors of the Classic Backpack.

    We love our friends at Parts and Labour! 

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