Need to give a gift? Why not give two? Find out how That's Caring is providing meals to children in need while providing high quality, eco-friendly gifts to your friends!


That's Caring began in Illinois as gift basket company that offers products from local charitable organizations and fair trade, sustainable manufacturers.  They will ship their gift boxes and collections to individuals or businesses across the U.S., with nearly all of their waste being biodegradable. 

They recently expanded their mission to help provide weekend meals to food-insecure children here in our own country.  When a gift is ordered from That's Caring, the proceeds support these weekend food bag programs at food banks around the U.S.! The bags provide the kids enough food to eat comfortably through the weekend until they are able to receive school-provided meals on Monday. 

The high-quality and yummy boxes make the perfect "green" gift as well, due to  the environmentally friendly packing and shipping procedures. 

This gift truly does keep on giving.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Check out That's Caring at their website.

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Let’s begin with a company called Half United. This is a business started by brother and sister duo Carmin and Christian Black with the goal to fight hunger in their community and abroad. A shocking number of over 925 million people worldwide go hungry every day, so Half United donates half of the profits from each purchase to supply food and nutrients through their partners. Not only do they donate, but they also give you, the customer, an opportunity to donate anywhere from 25 cents to 100 dollars to help stop hunger. And you can rest easy knowing your donation is making an impact: 100% of it goes towards the organizations they partner with. Their products are unique, statement pieces that are handmade here in America. Does it get any better than fighting hunger while flashing that good, old fashioned American pride? We think not.

While it's hard to choose just three, these are a few of our picks:


Next we have Flex Watches, which is an outfit based out of San Diego, California. Their unique and interchangeable watches can feed 5 children with the sale of just one. Not only are they focused on their cause of feeding children so they can perform better in school and not worry about where their next meal is coming from, but they will support you if you have a cause that you’re passionate about. You can send in an application and, if approved, they’ll help you spread the word to their 100,000+ fans by providing support, planning, equipping you with marketing materials. Flex is one of those few, awesome companies that has set out not only to further their own mission, but also to empower a network of change makers in the community. Here are some of our picks, and remember you can change the band to fit whichever style you prefer:





Check them out, show them some love, and enjoy your weekend!

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