The name ESPEROS comes from the Spanish word "esperar", meaning "to hope"



Our mission at ESPEROS is simple: to provide children in the developing world with access to education through the sale of premium, good looking products.

We are focusing our attention on education in the developing world because we believe, as Nelson Mandela once said, that “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Education not only brings hope for the child receiving it, but also for entire communities.  Education is empowerment, and ESPEROS believes that access to a quality education should be available to all. 

The team at ESPEROS shares its passion for education with a passion to design and create high quality, unique products that make a statement. Pairing the two together, we are working to give a voice to more than 75 million children in the developing world that lack access to an education.

Please join us. Carry hope - wherever you go.


How much money is ESPEROS donating?

ESPEROS puts its money where its mouth is, so to speak. With every product sold, ESPEROS donates 10% of the proceeds to help fund education for children in need. The money from each sale is donated in partnership with non-profits such as Pencils of Promise to help provide access to education for children around the world.


What is ESPEROS doing to help build communities?

We could rest easy after meeting our pledge to the children we exist to serve, but that’s just not our style. Instead, we strive to work with local merchants in the areas we operate to stimulate growth & create jobs for the working generation. Some call it ambitious. We call it common sense.

For more information, we invite you to watch the video below to learn more about children such as Nuth whom your purchase helps directly support.


 (Video credit to Pencils of Promise)