Causes Worth Supporting: November

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It’s Thursday, which means we’ve got Lover Boy on repeat as we’re working for the weekend. 

Okay, maybe not. But in this week’s install of the ESPEROS blog, we’re definitely working to promote a few groups and causes we think are worth your time to check out and support.

Up first, American Red Cross and Americares.

Hurricane Sandy has had a devastating effect on not only the East Coast, but Haiti and the Caribbean as well. The American Red Cross has jumped into action to help with the disaster relief efforts in the United States, while Americares, and other international organizations are lending aid to other countries in need. As you know, Haiti is very close to our hearts here at ESPEROS. With a donation as little as $10, these organizations are be able to provide food, shelter and other assistance to those affected by the hurricane.

Imagine the impact we could all have by skipping our daily coffee run, or happy hour if that’s more your style, and donating the money to those in need instead? $10 may not seem like much, but we assure you it is more than enough to make a difference.

And secondly, Movember.

You might well have noticed an increase in the number of mustachioed men out and about this month. And while it’s sometimes good for a laugh, especially for those of us who have difficulty mustering up a ‘stache Ron Swanson would be proud of, the reason behind it is much more serious.

Since 2008, the people behind the Movember movement have designated the month of November as a time for men to grow out their facial hair to raise awareness for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. The organization focuses on building teams to raise donations from friends, families, and random supporters in return for their commitment to grow out the old soup strainer. If nothing else, it’s a cheap form of paid entertainment for friends and family in the name of the greater good.

It’s a little late to register at this point, but you can head to their website to make a donation to an individual or a team participating in the movement.

If you know of other great organizations doing amazing work this November and throughout the year, leave us a comment and we’ll do our best to send them some blogging love in the near future.

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